Friday, November 6, 2009

Jerry Branch on 883 to 1200cc conversion

I found this neat little tidbit of knowledge on This is for the Sporty rider with not a whole lot of money that wants to bump up his 883 motor. Advice from Jerry Branch of Branch Heads fame.

ONE LATE NIGHT TALK WITH JERRY BRANCH OF BRANCH late evening i made a phone call to a calif. shop... THINKING to leave MY return number ,,, was quite surprised that someone answered the phone..JERRY BRANCH was the answer..I told him what I had started to do with my 1995 883..wanting LOW end power and the best way to get it...I had already BOT wiseco 1200 cc pistons at 10.5/1 ratio HE SAID I couldn't use HIS heads with those pistons but since I was on a LOW budget and doing MY own work:::::HE suggested" " " " " " " "BUY new HD 1200 barrels using the wiseco pistons at 10.5/1use the stock 883 heads (give them a lap job)modify the carb with proper jets (.180 )??? and use a older model ?1200 sport needle..Use a good pair of slip-ons (scrm'n eagle)slap it together..... break it in @ 500 miles"THEN go find a POLE and climb it"--- call me back tell me what you thinkI then asked HIM what cams to use??HE SHOUTED his reply "there you guys go again ,,, wanting LOW-END power and torque ,,, then caming it all away...I followed his advice (other than the pole) REALLY HAD A HOT 1200 CC BIKE... BOY DID I surprise(my self included) a few of the guys I rode with...(in front of)THANKS to JERRY BRANCH for answering his phone one late night YEARS AGO.signed....BUBBIE

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