Friday, July 30, 2010

1200 Conversion

Completed the 1200 conversion this afternoon. New Cometic gaskets. 2004 HD 1200 cylinders, Wiseco 1200 dished Pistons for 2001 883 heads. The bore and stroke for the 2004 1200 jugs is the same as the bore and stroke for the 2000-2003 1200 Sportsters, 88.8 mm bore x 96.8 mm stroke (3.5" bore x 3.8" stroke), thanks for the info Crazy Horse Frank! I scored the SLIGHTLY used 04 jugs at the Long Beach Swap Meet for 40 bones! My freind JonnyRottn hooked me up with Wiseco pistons, used but barely. To me it looks unique with the bigger fins which means better cooling. Definately a budget 1200 conversion that should work well. Not a drag motor but enough to rapidly get out in front of the bus!

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